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What Are Geosynthetics?

The word geosynthetics is an umbrella term for all synthetic products used to control erosion or stabilize the terrain. There are eight different geosynthetic categories: geotextiles, geogrids, geonets, geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners, geofoam, geocells, and geocomposites. Many members in the construction field require the use of erosion control products. During heavy highway construction and excavation there is always a large amount of loose sediment that has the potential to erode and contaminate nearby water sources. Erosion control products are also used to prevent landslides and other damaging effects of erosion.

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Jute Matting: is made from burlap rope and is 100% biodegradable. As an erosion control blanket it conforms to the slopes of hills and irregularities of every terrain.
Coir Matting: is made from coconut fibers and is 100% biodegradable. This erosion control matting helps to stabilize the soil, decrease the amount of erosion and allow vegetation to get established.
Straw Wattles: are made of compressed straw that is encased with burlap, biodegradable and photodegradable netting.
Root Barriers: are underground walls that are used to keep plant roots from interfering with hardscapes. The roots of plants can grow into and crack sidewalks, foundations and other important structures. There are chemical root barriers and mechanical root barriers. Chemical barriers will kill the roots when they make contact. Mechanical barriers help to redirect the roots downward instead of up or horizontal.
Silt Fence: is a special type of geosynthetic fencing that is used to control sediment at construction sites and protect the water quality of nearby water sources.
Turbidity Curtains: also referred to as silt curtains, silt screens, silt barriers and turbidity barriers. These products float on the water and are used during marine construction. Controlling the amount of silt and sediment that gets into waterways during construction.
Sediment Bags: also referred to as dirt bags or filter pump bags. These bags are used to remove silt and sediment from water. Discharge water can pass through the bag while keeping the material inside. Used for dewatering activities.
Drainage Composites: also referred to as drainage boards, are used to allow drainage behind walls and foundations.
Safety Fencing: is brightly colored and highly visible mesh netting that is used on construction sites to warn pedestrians/vehicles of inherent danger.
EZ Street: is cold asphalt that repairs potholes, overlays, etc. It can be used on asphalt or concrete and is a permanent fix.
Stratagrid: is a product made from polyester yarns that have phenomenal tensile strength. Used to reinforce soil.
Alliance GeoGrids: are used to reinforce subgrade and reduce rock section.
Cellular Confinement Systems: also referred to as geocells. These systems are made with a very durable and strong material and formed into honeycomb shapes which are then filled with sand, dirt or gravel. This helps to help reinforce the the ground and support heavy loads.
Catch Basin Inserts: are devices that are placed inside storm drains to catch any debris, oil and loose sediment that could get into the drains and contaminate the water or clog the drains.
Grass Paver: is a porous paver that allows vehicular traffic on turf without rutting.


Offering more than 44 years of cumulative experience and expertise in the geosynthetic industry. At GeoTK we offer many different products including fabrics, liners and other forms of erosion control.